Tuesday, June 2, 2009

oh what a day is today

It seems like forever since I've updated this blog, and so much really has changed. I completed my junior year at USU and left my job as resident assistant. I am now living off campus (in the cutest apartment complete with a washer and dryer!!) I am working at an elementary school in Hyrum this summer. So far we've just been planning all of our activities, I am so excited for it all to come together. This is a very different job for me, but I feel like it will be good for me. I'm loving my new ward, where I am once again in the relief society presidency. Even though it is a daunting calling, I am excited to try to do better and stretch myself.

My life has fallen into a comfortable rhythym in which I wake up, work out, and then work on my thesis all day. (I will hopefully have a draft done before the end of June!) Afternoons and evenings are spent hiking, picnicking, movie watching and pretty much hanging out with my friends.

I am absolutely in love with Cache Valley in the summer. If it weren't for winter I could see myself settling down here permanently. There have been some incredible lightening storms the last few nights and the whole valley is so green.

This summer has meant a lot of big changes for me all at once, which has never been my forte, but I really feel like I'm growing and getting ready for whatever is coming next in my life.

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Chess said...

Oh my, sounds like you are having fun. Glad you like a-livin' off-campus. It will be fun being in the same ward with you this fall. :)