Friday, April 18, 2008

just pick a candidate


How many times must we go back and forth in this seemingly never ending primaries season? I'll admit when the primaries first started I was glued to CNN. I stayed up after each caucus to watch the results come in, but once the GOP dropped down to McCain and Huckabee I became increasingly disinterested in the race. McCain was a shoe-in so that race was over. Since the Democrats have dropped down to Obama and Hilary I figured it would be a matter of days before they just picked a candidate and started campaigning against McCain. But alas, the race goes on.

Not picking a candidate at this point in the race is probably the stupidest thing the Democrats could possibly do. McCain is building party support while Hillary and Obama are squabbling and growing more and more dislikable by the day.

The Democrats are really just giving the Republicans more time to build a case against Hillary and Obama. Granted they already have plenty of dirt on Hillary, but the extra time to dig up stuff on Obama is surely appreciated.

The Democrats are going to have a harder time finding "dirt" on McCain. While he is not the most likable of men, he is a war hero. There is a certain respect that comes with that. Attacking a man who spent years as a prisoner of war is just petty and will make the Dems look bad.

If Hillary or Obama truly cared about the party they'd drop out and let the other start campaigning. The Democrats seem to assume that George Bush's failure in office equates to an automatic win for the Democrats, but that's just not the case. I think McCain has a fighting chance if he can pick a strong VP and can pick up some of the more moderate voters.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

textbook woes

As the end of the semester approaches I am becoming increasingly excited for the minute I get to sell back my textbooks and walk away with a large wad of cash.

I spent $350 on textbooks this semester, a record for me. The most upsetting part of this is that I only ended up using 2 of the books, the rest were really unnecessary.

As I go to sell back the books I am braced for that awful moment when they'll tell me my poli-sci class won't be taught again next semester so that textbook is worth nada. Or my personal favorite "a new edition has been realeased so you get nothing!"

As a 'starving college student' money is a precious commodity, and when I am denied money because someone decided to take a new picture for page 256 it upsets me.

This year the Utah legislature voted to get rid of the tax on textbooks, I am extremely grateful for their decision and am excited to save a few buck next semester.

For now I just need to decide what to do with the cash I'll be getting from my textbook sales... let's be honest, it'll probably go with my tax return and be blown on one of the fabulous trips i'm planning to take this summer.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

my hero

There are few people whom I would call genuinely accomplished. I live in a generation of people who are complacent with mediocrity. There is one woman I know who never ceases to amaze me. My great great aunt Adina.

Adina is 100 years old. She was recently married, this is her 4th husband, she has outlived the other three. Last summer she had her drivers license renewed for 5 years with no restrictions.

She goes ballroom dancing twice a week. She goes to the old folks home to dance and entertain them. Many of the people in the home are 20-30 years younger than she.

She always dresses in the brightest colored clothing, with great turquoise jewelry, her hair always in place.

Adina has taught me the importance of being a lady. She has written a book on the topic.

Adina is an amazing woman, and what amazes me most is her great love for her family.

I hope that I take not only her longevity genes, but also her great passion for life.